Monday, March 14, 2011

Suds For Your Duds


Happy Monday! Hopefully you all survived. 

Several of you have asked about my laundry soap recipe, so here it is!  I originally posted a link to the laundry soap recipe I have been using here.  This was my post titled, I'm a 1950's Wife, which also includes a recipe for fabric softener.  I have actually changed my laundry soap recipe a little from the one I linked to in the above mentioned post.  Here is my revised recipe: 

*2 cups shredded Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap--Unscented Baby Mild  
         (1 bar yields 2 cups)
*1 cup Borax
*1 cup Washing Soda 
Cut the bar of soap into pieces that will fit in your food processor--after freezing for an hour or so.  Run them through with the shred blade.  Then switch to the cutting blade--the one with two pieces of metal sticking out that spin in a circle.  You can laugh at me, I'm not sure what this blade is called. Do you?
Turn food processor on until soap is like a powder consistency.  Finally, mix in the Borax and Washing Soda and you have laundry soap! Use 2 TBSP for regular loads and 3 TBSP for extra dirty loads (I usually use 3 TBSP for our workout clothes and B's work clothes)
I purchased a glass jar with a lid at Hobby Lobby for 50% off to keep my laundry soap in. 

Do you make your own laundry soap? What is your recipe?  I'm always up for new ideas! 


  1. How much soap do you use for each load? I don't have a food you think a blender will work? Maybe you can help me make some so I can try it:) Interesting post!

  2. Oops...guess I should have put how much to use. Use 2 TBSP for regular loads, for extra large or dirty loads (b's uniforms) use 3 TBSP. I can bring my food processor this weekend and we can make some together!

  3. We made some and it was loads of fun! My laundry room smells soooo clean (even though it is a very dirty room). The room smelled like this wonderfully natural laundry soap the next morning - and my clothes turned out great too! Can't wait to see how my laundry person, Harold, does with this new homemade laundry soap! Teehee! I'm not kidding.


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