Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Meanderings

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going marvelous, mine has been stressful trying to get B ready to leave next week.  He has had some obstacles thrown at him this week, so hopefully everything works out in the end!
Tonight's post will be short, as it is already 9 and I am running in the early AM so bed is fast approaching.  I have found some Earth Day related posts/links for you again this week. Check them out for some freebies and great ideas.

Return to Origins Recycling Program
Origins is offering to take your empty cosmetic containers and as a thank you for recycling they will give you product samples!  Drop off your empty containers at any Origins store.

 Photo Courtesy of Origins

 FREE Starbucks Coffee

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE coffee. I will definitely be taking advantage of this offer! Starbucks also offers their used coffee grounds to anyone wanting them for gardening.  If you do not see any bags of used grounds in your local Starbucks, just ask.  Also, if you frequent another coffee shop that does not offer their coffee grounds, just ask and they should not have a problem saving them for you. 

Since I love coffee so much, and I am actually drinking a cup right now, your earth day challenge revolves around coffee! Here are a few challenges:

#1 Re-use your coffee grounds.  There are a number of things to use coffee grounds (used) for:
Your Garden--he high nitrogen levels will be wonderful for your plants and will keep those cats from leaving things behind you don't really want in your garden!
Ant Repellent-- Just sprinkle used coffee grounds around the areas of your house that the ants like to sneak in.  This is a non-chemical and non-hazardous way to keep those pesky little critters away. s behind you don't really want in your garden!
Natural Deodorizer for freezer or Fridge--Use coffee grounds to keep your fridge and freezer smelling nice. 

#2 Purchase a reusable coffee/tea mug to use at work or to have your coffee shop make your favorite drink in. 

So since we are on the topic of coffee...what is your favorite coffee drink?  Mine is a Vanilla Latte--really boring right?!

I hope you are enjoying these challenges. I would love to hear from you on what things you have been doing in honor of Earth Day.  Feel free to email me or leave a comment! 

Til' next time,

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