Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Virtual Coffee Tuesday


Good evening friends. So glad you are joining me for Virtual Coffee Tuesday. This is a time to chat with friends over coffee, wine, or whatever you enjoy to sip.  I would be drinking coffee.  I missed it last week so lets see how much I have to catch you up on....I live a boring life working from home so it might not be that interesting, but I will try!

I'm so excited to tell you that I joined a CSA and received my second delivery today!  I will share more later on details of a CSA and what I received this week in my box of produce.

Tonight I made taco salad and used taco seasoning I purchase at The Spice Merchant.  This is a wonderful store in Wichita that sells coffee, teas, spices, and all kinds of fun kitchen gadgets.  It was always on my list of places to stop when I was in Wichita.  I only have enough taco seasoning for 1 more batch so I have to find a replacement taco seasoning or attempt to make my own again. I tried making it a about a year ago, but we just didn't like it as well as the Spice Merchant mix.  Although if someone wants to be a wonderful friend and mail me a care package from The Spice Merchant I would argue...hehe!

Speaking of Wichita, I wish I could just jump in my car and drive there to see family and friends. But now that I am 18 hours away that just isn't possible.  It is life but it still doesn't make it easy, especially when my family gets to see each other for a few days and I'm not there.  But you know what, living in Alabama has been fun and we have many adventures ahead of us exploring the South!  A few places on our list--Savannah, Georgia; Birmingham, AL; Florida (many times to enjoy the ocean!); and if time allows we would love to go to the Northeast and visit DC. That would be a long trip, but not as far as it would be from Kansas.  We are also up for suggestions of places to check out in the South, just let us know.

If we were really having coffee together I would ask what you have been up to this week...so send me a tweet, email me, or leave a comment about what you have been doing or any questions you have.  You might even make it on my blog for doing so!

Well I better go for now. Hope you are doing great.

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  1. I'm so jealous I've been dying to join a CSA around here, but have yet to find a way to join. Is there a website where you can do a local search?

    And I know how hard it is to live so far from family (although mine is only eight hours away) so know I feel like I can't complain.

    Thanks for joining us for coffee, and have a Fabulous Week.


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