Monday, August 29, 2011

Lattes & Careers

I stopped by Starbucks this afternoon to get a Vanilla Latte so I could make it through the rest of my Monday afternoon! While I was waiting for my drink I overheard a man say, "The objective on my resume states 'fulfilling career.' I don't just want a job the rest of my life, I want a job that means something." I smiled to myself and thought, "I totally agree and this will make a great blog post"  

I dream of doing something I love and not just something that pays the bills. I'm not complaining about my current job, but it is just that, my "job". It does not allow me to fulfill my dreams and passions.  I often times have this quote run through my head during the day: 

Source: via Margit on Pinterest

I can honestly say that I am not doing what I love and I have to ask myself why.  Tonight while I was complaining to B about something from work he said "if you are not happy with your job do something about it or quit." 

My first thought was "I would love to quit and go do something that I would enjoy"  This thought was quickly followed by "we want to get out of debt so I need to keep working at this job."  I'm not sure what is stopping me from getting a different job, except that I can work from home and have reasonable hours. 

I feel torn because we do need to work on paying our debt off, but I think I should also enjoy what I do since I spend 40 hours+/week at work. The selfish part of me would love to quit and work on my Etsy store, scrapbook, and cook!  I know this is not possible, but a girl can dream right?!

While looking around on Pinterest I found this and thought it was very fitting for what I have had on my mind: 

Does this make you think about your life and what you do with your time?  It sure makes me ponder on things!  What do you love to do? Are you actually doing what you love? If not, what holds you back?  I think fear and being comfortable hold me back from jumping out of my comfort zone and doing what I love...well that and some financial backers for my coffee shop & bakery business!

I am working on getting my Etsy store up and running and dreaming about what I can do beyond Etsy....local stores, other selling sites, farm markets, and so much more!  I hope to have it open by the end of September.  Without telling you to much, my store will involve lots of flour, sugar, and spice! Can you guess what I am up to???

Stay tuned later this week for some more details. I also will be asking for your input and advice!

Til next time,

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