Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Virtual Coffee Tuesday 8.30.11

Welcome friends & family, I am so glad you are joining me for an evening cup of coffee so we can catch up.  I have been cooking like crazy since Saturday, so tonight was leftovers for dinner!  It was nice that dinner was done and kitchen clean by 6:15.

If we were sitting down together for coffee......

I would share one of my chocolate chip cookies, as I am working on baking the first batch right now.  It is a new recipe I am working with, I can never keep from changing a recipe!  I will be sharing more about my recipe later this week. 

I picked up my produce boxes tonight and have a lot of peppers to use.  I am going to be roasting and freezing them later this week so I can use them this winter.  I also have cucumbers, okra, and cantaloupe in my box that we get to enjoy this week. 

Last night I sat down to sketch out what I want do do for our wall hangings around the house. I also ordered a few things on Etsy.  So excited to get them in the mail!  Part of my plan for decorating includes several craft projects.  I am taking Friday as a vacation day, so I have a 4 day weekend to work on my projects.  I will keep you posted in the next few weeks and share with you my projects. 

B's birthday is tomorrow. I'm making him burritos (his step-mom's recipe) and chocolate sheet cake.  He told me last night that his step mom used to make burritos for his birthday, so I hope he enjoys his birthday dinner tomorrow night.  I just have to figure out when I can make the sheet cake...I guess that will be what I do over my lunch break.  But then I have to work all afternoon smelling the wonderful scents of chocolate cake!

I'm linking up with Lucky Number 13 for Virtual Coffee. 

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  1. thanks for the coffee and cookie :) you can never beat homemade!!! and good luck with the burritos :)


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