Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Virtual Coffee Tuesday 8.23.11

It's time for another Virtual Coffee Tuesday. I have been looking forward to doing the weekly Tuesday post since I had to miss a couple weeks because I was traveling for work.  If we were meeting for coffee in person, I would  tell you about my travels the past two weeks. Since this is Virtual Coffee, sit down with a warm mug of coffee, tea, or whatever you enjoy sipping in the evening, and read about my travels.

My two weeks of traveling was fun, refreshing, long, exhausting, and frustrating.  My trip started with missing my first flight. This was  totally my fault because I did not arrive at the tiny airport,  with ONE terminal,  an hour ahead of time.  For the record, I arrived 30 minutes ahead of my flight and EVERYONE was still sitting in the lobby and had not even gone through security!  Even though I was mad RED FACED ANGRY,  they re-booked me later in the day.  Unfortunately the re-booked flight had multiple delays and I didn't leave Alabama until 10:30 that night (original flight time was 6 pm) making me miss my connecting flight in Atlanta by several hours.  I stayed in a lovely gross and rather scary hotel the airline provided for me and got a flight out to KS the next morning.

I was really looking forward to getting to KS Friday afternoon to hang out with my dad that afternoon. On Saturday we had plans to go to the farmers market and can tomatoes.  We ended up not doing much that weekend since I was exhausted from my travels.

On Monday I headed to CO with my supervisor to visit the three offices in CO.  The week long trips to CO are always crazy busy and exhausting. We work non-stop and usually only take a break for lunch and dinner. This time was no exception, as we worked most evenings till 9:30 or 10!

The weekend after CO I went back to my parents house to can tomatoes, make salsa, visit the farmers market, and just relax. It was a great weekend to catch up with them and enjoy being at my 2nd "home."

Last week I was in the KS office working with two new employees.  It was a week of frustrations for me which I wont get into here.  The short story is I am not doing what I love or have a passion for, so the frustrations I experience at work are just not worth it!  The week in KS really helped me to start thinking about what I really want to do--be my own boss.  I've always wanted to have a coffee shop and bakery but without having the resources I need to open one I have to put that on the back burner for now.  Anyone now of any investors that want to put there money in coffee??? Just kiddin' (kind of)! While that dream simmers on the back burner, I am researching things to get my Etsy store up and running.  I have MANY ideas for the store and even ideas outside of Etsy, it is just being brave and doing it! I will talk more about those ideas in the following weeks.

Fortunately my flight home was uneventful and it was WONDERFUL to be home again. Two weeks away from home, living out of a suitcase and in hotel rooms, is a long time!

What have you been doing the past few weeks? I would love to hear from you. What dreams do you have?  What one thing have you always wanted to do but never actually been brave enough to do?

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  1. Wow sounds like quite a trip.
    I meant to ask, how did the shoes turn out, did you get to wear them? They are fab btw.
    It always astounds me at how much more difficult it is to travel now.
    It used to be that you just showed up and hopped on the flight.
    Now it's so stressful that it is sometimes far easier, faster, and less stressful to hop a train...they leave on time, rarely delayed, you can move around, very little security check hassle, smooth and easy and lots of room for luggage t' boot. For short trips, i.e. Boston or DC, I almost always grab AMTRAK, so much better!
    I'm curious to see what your ideas are for Etsy. I'm supposed to be learning to sew soon, and if i can come up with clever ideas (and have any skill), I might just open an Etsy too, seems like the place to be for that kind of thing...
    Good luck!


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