Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Virtual Coffee Tuesday 10.11.11

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I have not linked up with Lucky Number 13's Virtual Coffee Tuesday in a few weeks and I miss doing these so I thought I better join this week.  Grab your favorite beverage and join me for an evening chat.

If we were meeting for coffee in person I would be drinking water, as I am hydrating a lot today to recover from Yoga this morning.  I'm still in the boot camp class and today was relaxing, as we did Yoga on the beach of Lake Tholocco here at Fort Rucker. It was cool, cloudy, and the view was amazing! The poses were uncomfortable and tough, but breathing through them while taking in the view was worth every minute.

I would also let you know that I have been failing on Menu Plan Mondays the past few weeks. For dinners this week we are having:
Monday: Mac & Cheese with Ham. Veggies.  B told me at dinner last night that he thinks this will be one of the recipes our kids request.  I guess that means it is a winning recipe!

Tuesday: Homemade Cheesy Hamburger Helper. Veggies

Wednesday: Tacos. Fruit

Thursday: Black Beans & Rice. Fruit

Friday: Ham & Beans. Cornbread. Veggies & Fruit

Saturday: Leftovers or Grilled Chicken. Veggies.

Sunday: Chile. Veggies.

What are you having on your menu this week?

I booked my plane ticket home for Thanksgiving.  B will be in survival school and will not be home or have contact with me for 4 weeks or so.  I didn't feel like spending Thanksgiving alone so I forked over the money to fly back to Kansas!  I'm excited to go home and see family & friends.  What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

I realized that several people have had trouble posting comments to my posts. Thanks to Natalie I figured out there is an issue with how I had the comments set up. I have changed some things so hopefully this will help those that could not comment.  Email me if you are still having trouble!  

Has anyone enjoyed picking pumpkins or become lost in a corn maze yet this fall?  I hope that we can enjoy a corn maze in the next week or two.  If we had kids I would feel more comfortable doing things like corn mazes and picking pumpkins.  I feel people might think we are strange for going to activities like that with no kids.  B's response to that would be, who cares what people think. Got to love that guy!

That is about all the interesting boring news I have for the week. Do you have anything fun planned this week?

Til' next time,

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  1. Hoping I can post today....going to try the hamburger helper this weekend! Here we go.....


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