Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Wanderings 10.23.11

Don't you just love Fall?! Hope you enjoyed a nice fall weekend. We had a great day yesterday learning about life in Alabama over a half a century ago.  I will post details and pics later.

I am starting a weekly post, Weekend Wanderings, which will have links to things  I have found throughout the week that are worth sharing with you.

Eating Rules: Bee Safe! A Tale of Tainted Honey & How to Avoid It. Great post about commercial honey.  I have bought local honey for several years and will never go back to buying honey in the big box store!

Simple Organic: Getting a Spouse On Board with Natural Living.  Our journey definitely began with me, but slowly B has accepted the changes I have made!

Our Best Bites: Maple Bars.  B's favorite donuts is a Maple Bar. After seeing this post I have decided that I will have to try this recipe out as soon as I get a little fryer. I have had my eye on one but it is a little expensive!

Enjoy the reading and check back this week for some yummy recipes, freezer & pantry inventory, and more!

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