Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Random Thoughts Tumbling Around My Brain

I have so many things I have been meaning to blog about that this will be a random post. 

I finished boot camp last Friday and on Saturday I ran the Spooky 5k.  It was a tough run with hills and wind. It is rarely windy here and of course it was blowing pretty good they day of the 5K!
Before leaving for the 5K.

After 5K with a Vanilla Latte.  B was a sweetie and came to cheer me on (not sure if he did any cheering!) and had a latte waiting for me at the finish line!

Some of the girls I ran with in the 5K. The third person from the left is my trainer! 

I had my followup appointment with the naturopathic doctor last week.  My hormones are definitely not where they should be. In an effort to get them back to normal I'm taking 4 supplements, taken several times throughout the day.  To help me remember I had to download a vitamin reminder app on my phone!  I will take them for the next two months and then have another followup.  I am hoping and praying it works so we can have a baby Merrigan!

I went to my first Zumba class last night and really wished I had a pair of these instead of my running shoes!  These are definitely on my list to find his weekend.  Zumba is really fun and I recommend it to anyone that wants to sweat alot,  burn calories, have fun, and shake those hips!

I wish I was going to the Wise Traditions 2011 Conference. Maybe next year I can make it and meet some bloggy friends! 

Well that is all I have for today. Check back tomorrow for a couple of recipes. 

Till next time,


  1. Whats so special about those shoes other than they are super cool looking? I'm wanting to try Zumba tomorrow but we will see if I follow through. I actually looked up classes earlier today before i saw your post.

  2. I LOVE Merrell's. They are my favorite commuter shoes. They really take a beating and are supportive without looking like granny shoes.
    Great pick!
    Congrats on the 5k...and completing boot camp.
    You look great!

  3. found your blog from Soleil Selene! can't wait to catch up :)

  4. Andrea you look so adorable and it looks like boot camp was really good for you! Way to go on the Spooky 5K. Your B is so sweet to have java at the finish line! Praying for supplements to be exactly what you need! You could get one of those big ol' pill taker boxes. hee hee

  5. Bravo! One of my goals is to run a 5K.

    Stopping by from Soleil Solene. :)


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