Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

I am not a fan of Sunday nights because I know Monday morning is close!  To finish out the weekend I thought I would do a Weekend Wanderings Post.  I have not done a Weekend Wanderings in a while, so I have a ton of things I want to share.  Although, tonight I'm only sharing a few with you.  Next weekend there will be a longer list! 

Did You See This Chipotle Ad?
This is a great commercial that has caused some stir in the food industry. I hope commercials like this continue to be produced and aired on television!

How to Hem Jeans in 3 easy steps
When I went back to Kansas in November for work I took 3 pairs of jeans I needed hemmed.  I do not have a sewing machine (yet) and do not really know how to sew, so I always take my pants to someone to get hemmed. I have not found anyone here in Alabama that I "trust" to hem my pants.  Before I went home I found this post and decided it could be a project mom and I could do!  So one of the Saturdays I was at my parents house we spent most of the day psyching ourselves up to try it.  We successfully hemmed 4 pairs of pants that day and they all turned out great! I will never again take my pants to someone else to hem.  Thanks mom for doing most of the work on the pants! 

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Artificial Food Coloring
This is a great article about food colorings. I switched to an all natural food based coloring last year and they work great.  I will share more about this another time! 

That is all I have time for tonight. Enjoy!

Til' Next Time,

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