Friday, April 27, 2012

Fitness Friday 4.27.12 has been a month since I last posted anything! Where does the time go? After quitting my job I struggled with my time management because I didn't have a set schedule. I finally have somewhat of a schedule, which mainly includes working out, eating, gardening, and helping B study in the evenings. My main focus right now is fitness and health, as I need to lose weight and get in shape again!
I sat down and decided I needed to make some fitness and nutrition goals so I can stay on track. I am starting a 30 day Get Fit program through Arbonne in a couple weeks (just waiting to order the supplements and get them in the mail). This will be 30 days of no sugar, gluten, dairy, or caffeine! B has agreed to do the 30 days with me which will help keep me on track. Along with this program I will continue to workout 5-6 days a week. 
To keep me accountable I decided I would share my goals and report on my progress every Friday.
Fitness Goals for the next 7 months (May 2012-December 2012):
  • 50 spin classes 
  • 50 yoga classes 
  • Run 3 miles--I was doing great running 3+ miles at the end of the last boot camp, but I didn't keep it up and now will need to work back up to it.  I keep doing this, you would think I would learn my lesson and just be consistent! 
  • 100 “other” exercise classes--Zumba, Ab Lab, Strong Bodies, Water Aerobics, and   
  • Train to run a 10K--Jill are you ready for this?! 
Nutrition Goals for the next 60 days (May 1st – July 1st ):
  •  Keep a daily food diary
  •  Drink 75 ounces of water/day 
  •  Juice 1-2 times a day 
  •  Eat a gluten, dairy, sugar, and caffeine free diet 
  • Eat whole foods and quality local meat                                                                                        

I will allow myself to splurge 1 time a week on a decaf vanilla latte  because sometimes a girl just needs her latte!  This is much better then what I was doing while working, as I would usually have one every day. Wow, I hate to admit that. No wonder I need to lose some weight! 
Several people have asked how my juice fast went that I shared about a month ago. I did not actually start the juice fast because I have been working out twice a day and I need to make sure I am eating enough, just doing juice was not working. So I have just been juicing a couple of times a day for my snacks.
Do you have any fitness or nutrition goals?  Does this help you stay on track?  What struggles do you have with exercise and nutrition?  
If you are interested in learning more about the Arbonne 30 day Get Fit Program or ordering any Arbonne products just send me an email.  I am having a show next week and would love to give you more information if you are interested.

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  1. I am currently following a tight nutrition plan to lean out as i gain muscle..only one cheat a week - sometimes its tough! New follwer from Friday Blog hop - thanks for visiting my page!

  2. Sounds like your schedule is on track! Love that you are able to work out a lot and focus on good nutrition. However....I want to see pictures of your garden!! Great post - keep it up!

  3. So many great goals- good for you! I've cut out sugar and caffeine for phases and like that it helps cut down on my cravings, but I also do end up keeping it, at least in moderation. Generally, my goals are around upcoming races, but if I catch my diet getting way out of hand, I add in a few cleaner eating goals now and then, too.

  4. Nice goals, I hope you keep us well updated with your progress! Gives me some motivation to start living more healthy aswell especially by doing some work out.

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