Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekend Wanderings 7.14.12

It's the weekend!  Are you doing anything fun this weekend?  

I love weekends because I actually get to see B for longer then 30 minutes before bed.  His schedule has been weird the last few weeks and I'm super excited for his schedule to get back to more normal hours.  In the next few weekends we are planning a trip to Destin, FL for sales tax free weekend (here we come outlets!), river rafting trip, drive-in movie, and once it cools off we are planning to go camping on the beach in Florida!  

Here are some great links to check out this weekend. 

Joy the Baker Crate:: Monthly and Quarterly memberships.  If we were not on a tight budget I would DEFINITELY spurge and sign up.  
"Joy the Baker pairs with cool, quirky companies and hand-selects unique gift packages for you. It could be a cool kitchen item. It could be something for to carry in your purse. It could be something for your garden. Whatever it is, each gift is designed to inspire an experience, in the kitchen or out in the world."

Recap Mason Jars::  Add a cap to a mason jar for a spill proof mason cup!  I love drinking out of mason jars and shared with you awhile back about the Cuppow.  What makes these two companies even better, they are made in the USA! What is your favorite cup/class to use for your beverages?  

Don't Let Facebook Come Between Us:: If you haven't heard about the changes Facebook made a few months ago, Facebook Pages now have to pay for their fans to see more updates.  What blogger wants to pay Facebook just so our fans can see our updates?  There is a solution so you dont miss updates from your favorite pages.  Check out this post to learn how to add your favorite pages to a list so you don't miss any updates or announcements on Facebook!  Just to give you options, here is another post that explains how not to miss out on updates. 

A Modern Hippie Facebook Page::  Speaking of Facebook, I have a new Facebook page for my blog. If you haven't started following my Facebook page please go check it out by clicking on the "F" button under the "Keep In Touch" section in the right column.  Once you click "like"  follow the steps in the posts above to make sure you do not miss out on my Facebook posts. 

101 Things to do with your husband:: This post has some great ideas on things to do other then tv and movies!  What things do you and your hubby (or significant other) do to spend time together?  

What the grocery money goes for, then and now::  Very interesting chart.  And people wonder why we have an obesity epidemic now!  

The Knot Library--50+ Ways to Tie a Scarf:: If you have been around me much (in person) you know I LOVE wearing scarves.  This is a great resource for ideas on ways to wear a scarf.  

U.S Sunscreens 2012-Highlights::  EWG's Skin Deep Database is a great resource to check out your beauty products.  Don't forget about the sunscreens used many days during the summer!  Make sure you are using a sunscreen that is free of chemicals!  I try not to purchase beauty products with a rating about 4.  Have you used EWG's Skin Deep Database before?  

Study--Many Sunscreens May be Accelerating Cancer:: While we are on the subject of sunscreen, check out this article!  

Have you been enjoying my Weekend Wanderings posts?  What links have you found this week that are worth sharing? I would love to check out what you find interesting!  

Enjoy the weekend and see all of you on Monday!  

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