Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Catching Up on My Life {Virtual Coffee 8.7.12}

Since I have not posted in over a week I thought I better chat with you over coffee today.   So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and sit down to chat!

I wish I was home visiting under different circumstances, but it was great to be able to be here with the entire family (except B who rarely has a chance to join us for family events) and reminisce of our memories of Grandpa & Grandma.  My Uncle K. is a pastor and actually did my Grandpa's funeral and he did such a great job having it be a celebration of life!  All of us grandkids got a time during the funeral to share our memories of Grandpa.  It was filled with tears of sadness but we all are excited he is with Grandma now. 

Several people were able to be with grandpa when he passed and my mom told me that my Aunt V. leaned over right before he passed and whispered to Grandpa, “Go find Grandma, she is waiting for you and probably playing the piano.” Of course every time I hear or think of that I get tears in my eyes.  I always wanted to have kids before my grandparents passed away but that was not God's plan.  It comforts me a little to know that my babies in heaven are enjoying both Grandma & Grandpa now!  

I will be sharing in another post my memories of Grandpa & Grandma so lets chat about something else today! 

We found a great sign hanging in a window of a downtown business and I had to snap an iphone pic of it.  
Isn't that great, well unless you really needed a restroom?!

One thing we always do when we are at my Grandparents is take walks in the evenings.  It has been really hot here, but to me it was not bad because the humidity is MUCH lower then where we live in Alabama.  

Here is a view from one of our walks. So different then Alabama because you can see the wide open fields for miles! 

Do you take walks in the evening with your family?  B hates going on walks so it is always a treat when I have a chance to walk!

There is a great coffee shop where my parents live that I actually worked at when I lived with them during B’s last deployment overseas.  It is a wonderful environment to sit and read, chat, or just type blog posts!  So I have been enjoying sitting at College Hill Coffee several times since I’ve been home.  

Do you enjoy checking out local coffee shops?  Whenever we are traveling I always look up the local coffee shops so we can check them out.  Someday I hope to have one of my own so it gives me great ideas and sometimes not so great ideas!   

I get to meet up with several friends this week and I can not wait to chat with them over food & drinks!  I also am lucky enough to babysit my niece & nephew one afternoon this week.  They are so darn cute and well behaved!   I'm also working on scanning some old photos in from my grandparents in preparation of making a digital scrapbook for everyone.  I have a fun filled week ahead of me. What do you have planned this week?  

Do you love to read?  Would you like to join me for a virtual book club. I'm thinking of starting one but want to see how many would be interested.  The books would focus on natural living, whole foods, and I even have some easy reading on the list.  I have a great list started of ones that would be fun to read together and discuss.  Let me know if you would be interested, I would love for you to read a book or two with me!  

Have a fabulous Tuesday! 

P.S. I almost forgot, but the winner of The Rosy Road giveaway is Jenna M!  I have emailed you.  

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Til' next time,

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