Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Capture Your Grief {Day 7 & 8}

I'm back!  I hate getting behind on projects but this week's schedule has been crazy with no time to sit down and blog.  I love being busy, but sometimes it can be frustrating. Today I'm sharing Day 7 & 8.  Thursday I will finish getting caught up! 

If you are just joining me, I'm participating in the Capture Your Grief Project that Carly Marie is hosting this month to help raise awareness for Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month.  

The suggested topic for Day 7 is "What To Say" 

I already talked about "What Not To Say" to someone going through a pregnancy or infant loss. 

To be honest, there is nothing you can say to make someone who is grieving feel better.  But by saying or doing a few things it shows you do care and are thinking about that person. 

One of the stages of grief is depression, but it usually is not one of the first stages.  Everyone grieves differently so it could take one person a week to get to that stage and another person several months.  I say all this for you to just keep in mind that grief does not stop in a week or two.  It is an ongoing battle for weeks, months, and years.  I know when someone is not in the situation themselves it is easy to forget to check in on people and see how they are doing. So my biggest tip is to remember to check in with people you know that are going through loss more then just a few days or weeks after you hear the news.  

The topic for Day 8 is "Jewelry" 

Many people that have experienced loss have jewelry as a reminder of those that are gone.  I have one piece of jewelry that I wear several times a week.  
I purchased it through Simple Starfish
She has some great designs that make gifts for any occasion! 

It is easy to lose hope, especially after multiple losses.  B has been amazing with trying to keep me positive and not to lose hope the last couple years. 

Thanks for listening as I share my journey!  

Til' Next Time,

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  1. Hi Andrea,
    My sister has been through three losses and its been hard for me too. I live very far away and all I could do was text and call. I know that I don't understand her pain and I don't try to. I just try to be there for her when she needs me. I'm a new follower from Marigold Road. My blog is Esther Norine Designs and my sister blogs at Faith Hope and Love


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