Monday, October 29, 2012

Music {Day 29}

Day 29:  Music
I am not a music person. I run without music in my ears, I clean a lot of the time without listening to music, heck I would rather listen to a book on cd then music in my car!  This is one thing that B loves to give me a hard time about because he LOVES music.  It drives me crazy when we are in the car and he asks me, "who sings this?"  I get it right about 1 in 100 times! I think he asks just because he likes to see what crazy answer I will give him.  Boys! 

Anyway, since I'm not a music person there is no specific song that I have found comfort in during the past two years.  Instead, I have started listening to relaxing music to help me fall asleep.  I havent been able to sleep very well the past few months and the music helps my mind shut down and I fall asleep.  

The two Pandora stations I have been listening to recently are

Yoga Radio

Relaxation Radio

Do you listen to music to fall asleep? If so, what do you listen to?

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