Friday, January 11, 2013

9 Days of Healthy Giveaways {Day 5}

Welcome to DAY 5 of our fun giveaway series! 
In case you missed the first 4 days, here's the rundown:
Day 1 - Real Salt Wooden Gift Set (just a few hours left to enter, so hurry hurry!!)

And's giveaway, that comes from the wonderful Brooke, over at Covered in Grace

Brooke explains why she's so excited to give this prize away:
"I've always been a fan of quick reads, lots of photos, and helpful tips, so magazines have been a long-time favorite of mine. I've definitely gone through my fair share of them. But when it comes to health mags, I always find myself picking up Women's Health...over and over. They seem to focus on full-body health and feature stories about women who are living fit and striving for strength. Yah, they have those fun little articles... flat abs fast, better sex tonight, and beauty tips... but overall, I feel like the magazine lives up to its name. I'd love to share this with you all! I hope you enjoy! Xo"

Thanks so much Brooke! What a great giveaway! 

Happy Entering!

Til' Next Time,

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