Thursday, January 10, 2013

9 Days of Healthy Giveaways {Day 4}

Welcome to DAY 4!
We have a really fun giveaway for you today! One that is toddler and mami approved! :) 
As you might know, if you're a regular at Big Apple Mami, our youngest, Lucas struggles with many food allergies. His allergies include soy, wheat, dairy, eggs and the lethal one - peanuts.
So, as you can imagine,finding food for him to eat when we're on the go is hard and we have to pack almost everything he eats just to be on the safe side.
When I discovered the fruit/veggie pouches that many of the major baby food companies have, I was thrilled. They are organic, he loves them and they are super easy and quick (not to mention a lifesaver in Target when he's grumpy and ready to go home!!)
But, the price not so great. The cheapest we've found them is for $1.50 per pouch which if you buy several, adds up quickly, and while they are organic, I still always prefer to make my own food (for everyone in the home) if I can. I began looking online to see if I could find a company that made reusable pouches but the ones I did find were super expensive and usually just had 1 or 2 in the package. Not convenient or worth the price.
Then, I stumbled upon the Little Green Pouch company. It was exactly what I was looking for, reasonably priced and they sent you 4 to a packet. Hooray!
When I reached out to them to see about reviewing some, they were more than happy to send me a packet for us to try out and generously offered to provide a packet to a lucky reader of the blog as well! 
They are really easy to use with little mess and quick cleanup! And on their site, they provide many yummy recipes if you need inspiration, or you could just pop in some homemade applesauce and you're good to go! 
I love that they are reusable, freezer and dishwasher safe and just as easy as the regular pouches to use! 
And what's even better?
Toddler approved! :)
Great, right? 
So happy we have these and so glad I can share this giveaway with you as well! 
And don't forget, giveaways for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 are still live! Don't forget to enter to win those amazing prizes as well! 
Good luck! 
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Til' Next time, 

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