Saturday, February 09, 2013

Life Lately via Iphone Pics

I haven't felt like blogging the last several weeks so today I thought I would work back into my blogging by sharing more photos then words.  I have struggled with what to share and have not had much energy or motivation recently to put effort into sharing my thoughts.

For those that have not heard, I had unexpected surgery for an ectopic pregnancy almost 2 weeks ago. This did not help my motivation to blog.  I am not really ready to share about the most recent development in our journey to start a family, but I will eventually.  I'm actually still processing it myself, so I'll get there.  

So here is my life through iPhone pics the past few weeks.  I actually plan to have this be a weekly post to share life through pics.

So excited Lemon Fit Chews are back! 

My amazing hubby brought home flowers for our anniversary in January.  Flowers are not a normal thing in our house, so when he surprises me with them I am always so excited.  Which is exactly why he does not make a habit of buying me flowers for everything.  I was so surprised I actually teared up!!!! We celebrated 10 years in January.  

 Up-close shot of flowers from B.  We had these colors and flowers at our wedding, so it was great that he thought to remember that and get them for our 10 year anniversary! 

We found our new favorite pizza--Marco's Pizza.  We will miss it when we move back to KS. 

Prior to my surgery we had started P90X.  Can you guess which pile of weights are mine??? I'm ready to start again once I get cleared for exercise from my Dr.! I actually use the 10 lb weights to....

Waiting for them to take me back for surgery.  We really did not want to be there, but we were making the best of it by trying to have fun. I think my gown is a new fashion we will see in stores for Spring!

Book Club book for this month. 

Food B bought me after surgery. They gave me a package of cheese/PB crackers, but my throat was so sore and dry I couldn't handle eating them.  This was about all he could find that I would want to eat.  

Back home and getting ready to cut the hospital bracelets off my wrist. 
On the way home after surgery we stopped to get Krispy Kreme donuts to enjoy the next morning.   I wont admit if we ate one on the way home or not....

Beautiful roses from my mom after surgery.  It brightened my day!  Thanks mom. 

I finally got a much needed hair cut yesterday. The girl that has been cutting my hair is getting ready to PCS (military talk for move) this month, so now I'm in search of someone else.  

B reading before bed with his headlight

Friday night fun:  Pizza with a Royal & Coke Pepsi

Another shot of my newly cut hair

Saturday is our splurge we decided on Cheeburger Cheeburger. Yummy! 

That is all for this week.  What has kept you busy this past week? Have any fun weekend plans?

Til' Next Time,


  1. I love your haircut! It looks great. :)

  2. Love the haircut too! I never got around to reading this month's book club read...

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