Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gloomy Weather & Bucket List {2013}

Good evening lovely readers!  I have not posted the last few days, other then the 9 Days of Healthy Giveaways, because I just have not felt like it.  I think I'm still detoxing a little and I never have much motivation or energy during this time.  

The weather has not helped my glum attitude since it seems like it has been mostly cloudy for months now!  The sun pops our for a little while throughout the day, but there has not been very many 100% sunny days in the last couple months. I love to have lots of windows in our house with lots of sun shining through.  I have not had enough of my sunshine recently. 

Anyway, enough with my yammering on about gloomy days.  Heck, why am I complaining? While a lot of the country is freezing we are enjoying open windows and AC some parts of the day!  

To show I am not exaggerating here is a glimpse at our weather this month. DISLIKE the cloudy weather, LOVE the warm temperatures.  I do not know how I will survive a KS winter again.  We might have to become snow birds and have winter jobs in FL.  

I promised you awhile back to share with you my "general" bucket list. I already shared about my fitness & health bucket list and I will update you on that this Friday.  Drum roll please.....I'm waiting.....com on drummer.....ok well I guess I need to find a new drummer..... anyway.....
here is my.........
2013 Bucket List

  • Focus on me & my family.  This is my top priority this year and everything else is going to come in 2nd and beyond.  2012 was not a great year for me, although I'm so blessed with my life, family, friends, health, and more.  Even with those blessings it has been an emotional year and a busy year.  I helped plan & organize a fundraiser craft bazaar that was a huge success.   I loved how it kept me busy, but I was too busy at times.  A few weeks before the bazaar B told me "I cant wait to have my wife back."  Talk about a sentence to make me rethink my priorities.   So I promised him this year I would focus on US.  
  • Read at least 1 book/month I have a long list of books I want to read.  The list grows every month so I need to start marking some off my list.  I'm also in a book club and love it because it gives me a deadline to get 1 book a month read.  I never dreamed I would join a book club because I always had this thought it was for highly intellectual people only....not sure why?!?!!??!  My mind has been changed on what a book club can be and I am going to miss having one to attend after we move.  Heck, I might need to start one in KS.  
Where I will be spending a lot of time, my craft closet/office
  • Catch up on ALL scrap-booking, digital photographs and random craft projects.  I have about 6 months or less before I will be back full time in the workforce.  So I'm taking advantage of the next few months to catch up on things I have not had time to complete.  Some of the things I will be working on include scrap-booking the past 7-8 years, organizing my digital photos, learning how to sew, making my first t-shirt quilt, and a few other random projects.  I will be sharing more on all these projects as I get them started and completed.  By the way, very mixed emotions on returning to work full time.  I love working, but not working the past year has allowed me to focus on other things I love!  
I'm sure this bucket list will keep me busy throughout 2013. I look forward to what the year brings and I feel that this year is going to be a GREAT year.  Things might not go as planned, but we are used to that living a military life.  Although,  there will be many more things we are blessed with that far outweigh the tough things this year might bring.  

What things do you have on your bucket list for the year?  Do you set goals or resolutions every year?  If so, I would love to learn what is on your bucket list.  

Til' next time,


  1. Good luck with the bucket list, friend! :)

  2. Great list!

    I go to the library every 2 weeks and get new books. I so love to read.

  3. Oh, catching up on photos and organizing should be on my list, too... it's so hard to stay on top of it!

  4. Adorable blog! Thanks for linking up with us for the Resolutions in Motion Blog Hop! Happily Following you now!

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