Friday, March 15, 2013

Have You Heard?

Have you heard all the murmurings online about Google Reader being shut down effective July 1st?  Do you follow me and other blogs via Google Reader?  If so, you have until July 1st to get switched over to another reader.

I highly recommend Blog Lovin'.  It is the reader I use and they make it easy to import your Google Reader feed so you wont miss out on any of the blogs you read.  Blog Lovin' also has a phone app which I love because I can read blogs on the go!

To follow me on Blog Lovin' click the icon below or click the icon in the column on the right.

Follow on Bloglovin

Here are some posts you might find helpful:
9 Reasons You Should Be On Blog Lovin' 
How To Move From Google Reader to Blog Lovin'
My New Favorite Reader: A Blog Lovin' Tutorial

Besides following me on Blog Lovin', there are other options to stay updated with me:

***Note: By following me on Blog Lovin' you wont miss any posts.  I do not always post everything on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so you might miss out if you do not follow me via a reader.

Do you follow blogs through a reader? If so, what reader do you use?  Let me know if you have any questions about readers or following A Modern Hippie!

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