Friday, May 10, 2013

Fitness Friday {5.10.13}

It is Friday and time for an update on the May Walking Lunge + Push-Up Challenge.  

I have completed all of the days so far, yahoo!!  I have not been able to do all of the push ups as "real" non-sissy push ups.  So instead I'm doing as many regular push ups as I can and then I do push-ups on my knees until failure.  

I have also been doing more walking lunges everyday then I indicate for each day. So far I have been doing double the amount, as I was just not feeling the amount I put down was enough.  Oops, at least I know now and I'm adjusting.  

I have been splitting the lunges up in two sets (since I'm doubling them) with a minute or two break in between instead of doing all of them at once.  

Our eating has been really weird since B has been flying nights so I hate to say it but I really have not cooked a meal since last weekend.  I have been doing smoothies for breakfast and lunch and dinner I usually just fix something easy.  

We are so close to moving that I need to focus on eating all of our food in the freezer and pantry, so meals might be interesting the next couple weeks. 

Are you joining me for the challenge this month? If so, how have you done?  

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  1. wow, i'm not going to lie, that looks brutal! But then again, I do despise both pushups and lunges :) Good luck! I'm sure you can do it!

  2. Nice job keeping up with the challenge. I sadly fell off the walking lunges wagon. After my 32 mile race followed by a half marathon the next weekend my body boycotted physical activity. I was more exhausted than I have ever been before. Anyway, I'm back and feeling 100% so I'll be back on track with the challenge next week.


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