Friday, May 10, 2013

That Time I Fell Out of a Desk

The blog everyday in May challenge prompt today is "most embarrassing moment (s). Spill" Every time I am asked what my most embarrassing moment is my thoughts take me back to the horrible year in high school when we moved to a small KS town and I had to go to a small private Christian school with kids that had been going to school together their entire life.  

It was the first week of sophomore year at a new school in a normal sized  very small class (6 students to be exact).  There was a shy girl who did not want to be there and this girl was me! It was math class, which did not help because I totally do NOT understand math. 

Well, in math class a pencil is required. I was prepared for class and had paper + pencil.  Until that darn pencil rolled off my desk in the middle of class.  This shy girl did not want to stand up in a class of 6 people I hardly knew to get her pencil that rolled a little too far out of reach. Instead I decided to reach over my desk and try to reach my pencil so I would not have attention drawn to me.

As I was leaning over the side of the desk to grab the pencil, I leaned a little too far and the desk toppled over.  Unfortunately, this means I also fell as the desk was falling.

As you can imagine, class stopped and everyone made sure I was ok.  I was fine and managed to get up (with my pencil!) but I was extremely embarrassed.  What a great way to start a new school.  I was so embarrassed and I'm sure beet red!

Even with this embarrassing moment, I did eventually feel like I belonged at this small school. I even formed life long friendships + a lovely SIL from those years at the tiny high school in a small KS town.

What is your most embarrassing moment?


  1. This was fun to read. I felt shy in high school too... Lynaea @

  2. Aww man I'm sorry that happened. Especially right when you were new!
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