Sunday, May 12, 2013

I miss you girls!

Today's challenge prompt is an easy one for me!  What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...). 

There are many people & things I miss, but today I'm taking you back to my college years.  What I miss is kind of a combo of a time, place, and people in my life.  My Junior year of college I was finally free from having to live the dorm life.  I was SOOO ready for a little more freedom!  I rented a house with 3 other girls in a prime location from campus.  We have some amazing memories from those few years living together in that house, not to say that we did not have some great memories of dorm life but that is a story for another day. 

I always think that if I could go back to one point in my life I would want to go and re-live those 3 years.  Sure there would be things I would change if I could go back, but overall the memories are unforgettable.   

This was our big old house which was divided into 4 apartments.  We lived in the biggest apartment on the main level. We had some interesting "neighbors" living upstairs and downstairs from us.  Our neighbor downstairs was named Elias. He would definitely be considered a hoarder.  His little place was filled with newspapers, trash (treasures to him), and other goodies he found while searching through dumpsters.  We always kind of felt sorry for him, even though he caused moth issues in our house from all his things he collected and saved.  We always had to be careful of what we put in the dumpster outside because he would probably take it and make it is own. One time we had a lamp that had issues and was a potential fire hazard.  Before we put it out at the dumpster we cut the electrical cord off so he could not use it.  Wouldn't that be horrible if the house caught fire because he took our old lamp!!!  

I was blessed to keep the roommate I had in the dorm for 2 more years in the house.  The third year in the house I moved into the smallest room ever, but it was nice to have a little place of my own.  My roommate and I had some great memories sharing a room together for 4 years, I couldn't have been more blessed with a wonderful roommate.  Her dad built us loft beds  before we moved into the house so we could have more space in the room we were sharing.  We each put our desk under our loft beds so it worked out great!  Sharing a closet was tight, but we made it work as we did with everything.  

Besides the great memories with my roommate, I also had great memories with our housemates.  Some of those great memories include watching Friends, eating pizza leftovers late at night from a friend that worked at Little Caesars, cooking meals together, sewing pajama pants together, walks in the park down the street, shopping, and late nights before bed goofing around which was eventually called "pajama time." We also enjoyed 3 great years with Timmy the Timer, Wyatt (a little grill pan), The Golden Girls (our 70's colored appliances), and Laverne & Shirley (a great set of wooden spoons). 

It was sad when we all graduated and moved on with our adult lives, as none of us live in the same area.  That era in our lives was over and we had to move onto the next era of our lives, even though a part of us really just wanted to have some more memories together in Manhattan.  Even though we all moved our separate ways, we still hold each other close in our hearts and are lifetime friends.  We always try to get together at Christmas or anytime the ones that live out of state are back visiting.  It is like no time ever passes between our visits. 

It has been 10 years since leaving that house, that wonderful college town, and some of the best friends I have in life. 

I miss you girls, who's up for a summer get together?  Also girls, we need an updated picture of us, these are the last ones I have of all of us!

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