Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm No Fashionista

Woohoo, I've made it 13 days blogging everyday. This is definitely a first! Update: I did not get around to getting this post live yesterday even though it was already written, so I guess I did not make it 13 days...oops! 

Today's prompt: issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.    

I, Andrea (aka A Modern Hippie), am proclaiming a public apology.  I do not claim to be a "fashion" blogger and for good reason, as I am NOT a fashionista.  I would like to publicly apologize that I am not fashionable and do not really care for the latest fashions fads.  

Tight Jeans? Um heck NO!  I'm sorry, but these should only be worn on about 1% of the population. Unfortunately, I think only 1% does NOT wear them and I am part of that 1%! These are so not comfortable to me and hello, my thighs were not meant for skinny jeans.  I will continue to wear my wider leg jeans for pure comfort!  


What is up with all these types of sandals this season?  These sandals seem to be the only style anyone sells now which make my feet look hideous & fat!  Duh, I do not need anything like that.  My feet are not slender thanks to getting feet just like my dad, so I do not need any type of shoe that makes them look worse then they are. Sorry dad!


The bright colored pants and tops?  I was a kid in the 80's and do not need to wear bright colored clothes again, once in my life was enough!  

Long maxi dresses that are all the rage?  Hello, I'm 5ft.3in. and do not need to buy anything else that I need to get altered. I think these would look really weird on me.   Although, I would love to just try one to see how it looks.  

By the way, what is up with all the chevron? When will this "fad" be gone?  I think it has become over-kill when everything has a "chevron" option--dresses, shirts, notebooks, craft supplies, decorations, and more! I cant lie though, there are a few chevron maxi dresses that I really like the look of, just not sure how they would look on me (see above).  For instance, I love this one! But I wonder how she walks in that thing, look how much hangs on the ground?!?! 
So I publicly apologize that I am not a fashionista because I'm sure people that see me all the time (and even in pictures on this blog + social media) get tired of seeing me in the same clothes.  I'm just not a big fan of the trends or fads that come & go.  I have more of a classic style, is that even a thing?  What I mean is I stick with simple classic looks that are timeless.  Well I think they are, but what would I know since I'm clueless when it comes to fashion!  

Oh, and I feel like I need to put out another public apology with regard to my fashion.  I only own two, yes ONLY 2, pairs of jeans.  And my go-to outfit is jeans and a simple top or t-shirt. Unfortunately, this means I almost always look the same on the bottom half of my body.  

I stopped wearing shorts long ago, but last summer I did purchase a few pairs since it is so hot + humid here in southern AL. I have not pulled out my shorts yet this year, so I am still wearing the same two pairs of jeans.  But it is getting too hot for jeans so I'm afraid I need to pull them out (hope they still fit!) and the few dresses I have so I can start wearing something different and cooler.  I'm not really "feeling" the dresses I have this year and really want to buy some new ones, but that wont be happening with our budget right now. 

I am issuing this public apology to everyone I encounter and for the pictures I post on this blog because I will continue to have the same two pairs of jeans, the same dresses as last year, and the same 5-6 shirts that I rotate through even though I have a closet full of shirts!   

Disclaimer: This is both completely true, but also meant for humor. I'm not complaining about my wardrobe, well maybe I am.  I am just fed up with the clothes I currently have to chose from. So I guess this is more of a vent for me and an apology to you since you get to see me in the same clothes all the time (which are not the latest trends)!  As I said, I'm not a fashion blogger and for good reason....I am totally not into the latest trends and never have been.  

How do you feel about skinny jeans, maxi dress, and the hot sandals this year?  Do you claim to be a "fashionista"?  If so, you should be my personal shopper! 

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