Sunday, July 28, 2013

Family & Helicopters {Graduation Week Part 1}

I have been wanting to sit down and share some of the events leading up to B's flight school graduation for weeks now and just have not had the time.  Being in transition has made it tough finding a set time to sit down and work on posts, so it just has not happened.  We are getting closer to getting settled, as the job hunt is going great and we found a great little house to rent this past week. 

A couple weeks before graduation our household goods were packed and loaded up.  It was sad to see our house empty, knowing that we would soon be leaving Alabama and great friends!  I will always hold the two years we spent in AL close + dear to my heart. We made some great friends that we hope to see again someday since we are all military and never stay in one place too long.  B and I had some great times and some really tough times, but we made it through 2 years of B attending the most difficult flight school with smiles on our faces (most of the time)!

Moving Day. Bye, bye stuff, we will see you in several months!

Our last picture in front of our home at Fort Rucker

The week before graduation we moved out of our empty house and to a great little cabin by the lake on post.

The days leading up to graduation were a whirlwind and I was disappointed I did not get to enjoy the last few days in Alabama by relaxing at the cabin.  It had a great view of the lake and we only enjoyed the view from the screened-in porch a few times that week!
The great view from the back porch of the cabin

Before family arrived for graduation festivities, B took me to the simulator so I could try flying a Blackhawk.  It was fun and I learned there is NO WAY I could ever figure out how to fly one of these things!  B had me try to do a couple auto-rotations (landing the helicopter with no engines operating) and I killed us every time.  B made it look so easy but it is not!

My view from my side of the simulator cockpit
View of the simulator cockpit
B doing what he loves, flying the Blackhawk 
Attempting an auto-rotation
We were blessed to have my dad, uncle & aunt visit for a couple days to enjoy the graduation festivities.  The day before graduation included family day and the graduation ball.  It made for a crazy busy day!
Leaving for Family Day

Family Day is an event that allows the families to see the airfield and a display of a Blackhawk helicopter.  B enjoyed teaching my family all about the helicopter.  He is an excellent teacher and could talk all day about his helicopter! We also were able to climb into the helicopter and check it out. If only we could have gone on a ride!

During family day B was presented with an award qualifying him to fly Sikorsky Blackhawks. 

After the awards we went back outside to learn more about the helicopter and crawl inside to check it out.  

Chillin' in the back of a helicopter
View of a part of the airfield where all the Blackhawks are located. I will forever miss the noise of helicopters in the air day + night!  

B with his two loves--helicopter and me! 

My dad, me, B. I sure love these guys!

Tomorrow I will be sharing about the graduation ball and graduation, so check back for more pictures! 


  1. Congrats to your husband! That cabin view is beautiful! :)

  2. Love seeing this post up finally! I wish we could've gone and played in a Blackhawk too.

  3. Oh my goodness!! The pic inside the helicopter was just wild! If in a tough situation it would be hard to remember which ones to push!! THEN! the pic of you in the back of the heli....felt like the seat was waaaaaaay to close to the door!!! I woulda been screamin' and holding on to my choco really tight if I woulda been ridin'!!


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