Monday, July 29, 2013

Gettin' All Fancy {Graduation Part 2}

If you missed my Family & Helicopters {Graduation Part 1} post make sure to check it out so you don't miss out on Part 1!  

After Family Day we had to hurry back to the cabin and get ready in less then 1 hour to make it to the graduation ball on time.  My family did not join us at the ball, so at least only 2 of us had to get all dressed up! 

My friend was at the cabin ready to do my hair as soon as we got there, so I sat down and she got to work curling my hair for my up-do.  Once my hair was done, I had about 5-10 minutes to put on my dress, jewelry, and shoes!  I wanted to take a few pictures out front before we left, so we hurried outside to have my family snap a few pictures before we jumped in the truck and sped off to the ball.  In my opinion, only a man would plan family day so close to the ball!  There was just not enough time to allow for a nice + relaxing time of getting all dolled up! 

Anyway, we luckily made it on time and enjoyed socializing with friends before the official things began.  {disclaimer: these pictures are not great because of the lighting inside. I'm lucky these turned out so well on my iPhone!}
At the ball before dinner began
We had a great time at our table since we sat with friends (the seating was assigned, but we requested to sit with friends).  I made some great friends in Alabama and I was blessed to sit at the table with two of them for the graduation ball.  I miss you girls, I'm so blessed to have met you at Rucker! 

During the ball it is tradition for the soldiers to present the spouses with an award and their wings (usually a necklace) as a way of saying thanks and helping them through flight school. You can see my wings necklace in the above picture. I was disappointed not to get any good pictures of the presentation of the award and B putting my necklace on, but it was just too dark in the ball room. 
We had to get a picture with the Blackhawk drawing in the lobby! 
After the "official" things were over we socialized a little bit more and then headed home to get ready for graduation the next morning!  

Stay tuned later today for graduation pictures.....  

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  1. Love your dress! You look beautiful in red!! Your arm candy is pretty special too!!


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