Friday, October 25, 2013

Fundraising Friday 10.25.13

I am back after two amazing, crazy busy, stressful, and inspiring weeks.  I have wanted to blog many times over the past two weeks but have not had a second to sit down and type anything!  A couple weeks ago we announced about our plans to do IVF and our fundraising efforts we are calling Make A Baby Fund. If you missed the posts, go check them out so you get caught up on our news.

I have been brought to tears and just amazed at what has happened over the last few weeks with our fundraising. Things have happened that we would have NEVER dreamed! 

We set up a Go Fund Me site because we had a few people ask how to donate money without having to buy any of our fundraising items.  So we set up the site thinking we would not have much activity with donations.  We were SO WRONG and have increased our goal 3 times in a little over 2 weeks. For everyone that has so graciously donated via our Go Fund Me site, we can not say enough about how thankful we are for your donation. 

The past few weeks I have been busy getting ready for the craft shows I am doing as another fundraiser.  I will be selling my homemade laundry soap, chili seasoning, taco seasoning, ranch dip/dressing mix, and pumpkin pie spice, t-shirt scarves, wreaths, and more.  I'm excited to get everything finished up for my first show on November 2nd!  

I have been incredibly amazed and thankful for some of the things that have happened over the past few weeks as I have prepared for the craft shows.  There have been numerous friends + family volunteer to donate items for the craft shows, help out with making displays, and so much more. Even more amazing to me are the strangers that I meet that offer their help and services.  

My "Bun In the Oven" bake sale is going great, but I have time to make more goodies so if you are local please share about our "Bun In the Oven" fundraiser. If you need things for any of the holiday festivities I can help you out! 

Besides selling items at the craft shows, I am also selling those items outside the craft shows. I hope to get an online shop set up, but not sure if I can get that accomplished! If you need great little gifts for teachers, family, friends, or even yourself check out what I have available.

Pictures of my baked goods and other items will be up on the Make A Baby Fund FB page within the next week!  Please go "like" our Make A Baby FB page and share it. There will be a giveaway of some of my spices as soon as we hit 100 "likes"! 

I am offering sponsorships on my blog now with 100% going to our Make A Baby Fund.  I have two wonderful women on my sidebar right now. Go click on their ads + check out their blogs.  Click on my Sponsor page and buy an ad to help us out so you can be on my sidebar!  

I want to thank everyone that has donated, volunteered to make items for us, shared things the Lord has placed on their hearts for us, shared our fundraiser with others, & prayed for us.  No one will ever really know how blessed + thankful we have felt the past few weeks as so many amazing things have been happening.

THANK YOU + HUGS to everyone who has stepped up to help, donate (money + items), pray, and so much more!  All of you will always hold a dear spot in our hearts, as you are helping us get our baby (maybe babies!) we have dreamed about for years.  

Delight yourself in the Lord and 
he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

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  1. Marta Erdman needs your help today! Dmitry Recovery Fund. - Dmitry was attacked by 3 persons. As of now he has open femur fracture and teared muscles, fractured skull, back, ribs, hand and also leg. Partly lost vision on one eye. We where on the back seat, when suddenly the car, that was driving in a wrong direction, crashed into us. Dmitry stepped out


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