Friday, January 24, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

I love random acts of kindness...paying for the person behind me in the drive-thru, sending snail mail to friends just because, giving to someone less fortunate, donating money and time to worthy causes, making goodies for the neighbors, and so much more. 

Udi's Gluten-Free mailed me a big box of goodies to share with others. Udi's Gluten Free has so many options that are gluten free and delicious. Unfortunately, I have not been 100% gluten free since we moved back to Kansas, but that will be changing very soon! Prior to moving back to KS I strived to eat gluten free all the time and the one thing I miss when eating gluten free is the yummy baked goods. Udi's has some great treats that help when you just need some baked goodies to satisfy that craving!

I decided to share some of the treats with my cousin and her family. They also try to eat gluten free. Her two boys look like they were enjoying those cookies! 

I love taking treats to work, so I decided I should take some of the products to work so others can try some good gluten-free food. Everyone was very impressed with how good everything tasted. I took the blueberry muffins, snicker doodles, chocolate chip cookies, and brownie bites to work. All of it was a hit, but everyone really enjoyed the brownie bites. I highly recommend these if you need some chocolate brownies but need to avoid the good!!!

Some may think I'm weird, but I drive about 1.5 hours to get my haircut every 4 weeks. Casey has cut my hair for years and I always look forward to our great chats during my haircut. So, I just had to take her some cookies to enjoy last weekend. Casey, I hope you and your kids enjoyed them!

When I received the big box of goodies B was quick to point out what he wanted to try....Jalapeno Cheddar Grain Chips. He loved them and actually wants to try some of the other flavors.  These will definitely become a regular item in our house.

I really had fun passing all these treats out to friends and family.  If you have not tried Udi's Gluten Free products, pick some up the next time you are at the store.  You can find Udi's on Facebook and Twitter.  Check out their website for all the products they offer.  

What random acts of kindness have you done recently?  If you have not done a random act recently, I challenge you to do something for someone this month and then let me know what you did.  I could always use some great ideas!

Small Print: I received product samples from Udi's to share with others. Everything shared in this post is my own thoughts and opinions. 

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