Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 Months Later....

It has been 10 months since I blogged!

The last year has probably been one of the hardest years I have ever experienced in my life.   If you follow me on other social media outlets you know that B and I went through our first round of IVF in January. It was a rough roller-coaster for several months as we navigated this crazy, amazing, marvelous medical procedure.  B gave me at least 1 injection a day (most days it was 2-3 injections) for several months throughout the process.  Two embryos were transferred and I became pregnant with twins. I have always wanted twins and never thought I would be pregnant with twins since I was more then likely a twin.  I was excited for about 1 second before the roller-coaster began its huge decent down the steepest hill and did not stop till I hit the ground REALLY hard.

We are not sure what happened but I lost the twins about 1 week apart.  The Dr still has no answers to why I keep losing pregnancies.   He has 1 more test to run but is recommending I not try again unless this test surprises him and comes back looking good.

Losing the twins was devastating and tough on so many levels. There have been several other things that have happened the last year that has made my life almost unbearable some days. There were days I did not know if I would survive because my heart was breaking so bad.  Through the last year I've learned I can survive and endure a lot, and these trials have made me stronger.  I have had a lot of anger towards God through the last several years of infertility issues, but the last 6 months have brought me to my knees again and allowed me to put my trust in the Lord again.  I can not change and control everything, sometimes things just have to happen in the Lord's time.

I'm still working on picking myself up off the ground and shaking the dirt off.  I have a long road of healing ahead of me with no end anytime soon.  My family & a few great friends have been amazing during this difficult year and have been so supportive.  I have needed them more than they will ever know!

As part of my healing I have been focusing on things I love again--blogging, baking, reading, crafting, and more. And speaking of crafting, my Etsy store, A Modern Hippie Boutique, is open!
Currently I have wreaths and spices for sale.  Here is a sneak peak, but go check out my store to see everything I have for sale.

 I'm having a grand opening sale for a limited time, 15% off your order.  
Just use code "grandopening"

For all the locals that read the blog, I will also be at a couple craft shows this season selling my wreaths, spices, laundry soap, and more.  Stay tuned and I will let you know where and when!  

I'm also selling baked goods again, so if you need your fill of sweet treats let me know! I will deliver to locals and mail to those that love my baked goods but are not close enough for me to deliver. Just email me if you want to order anything. Please go "like" Andrea's Perfectly Blended Bakery Facebook page to stay up to date on my baking business.  

Thanks for listening and I'm so glad to be back from my long blog vacation.  

Til' next time


  1. :( This breaks my heart. I'm really sorry.

  2. I am so sorry :( I am glad you are blogging again.

  3. My heart breaks for you. I know there are no "right" words, but know that many good thoughts are with you.

  4. My heart breaks for you, friend. Thank you for sharing such an honest story with all of us. It's incredibly brave and courageous to open up and to get back to blogging. Thinking of you.


  5. I decided to take my case spiritually before I contacted dr. isaac love temple via this email: dr.isaacelpcenter@gmail.com. I think am was lucky enough because Doctor Wakina knew all my problem especially my sleepless night and vowed to bring him back with 4 days. Doctor said that I might not believe him because it will be like a movie when he and his family will come kneeling before me for forgiveness. So I waited and worked with him with my heart until the final day that he promised came and it all happened exactly as he said. I forgave them and reunited with my Husband and we both thanked Dr. isaac for the help he rendered to us. No time is too late and never gives up in your struggle for happiness. Thank you great Spell Doctor Wakina for blessing me with a testimony. Remain blessed and don’t forget to contact him via dr.isaachelpcenter@outlook.com


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