Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dried Fruit & Child Birth

I have received several questions and I am not ignoring them, but this has been a crazy week and it is only TUESDAY!  I promise I will get back to more educational posts about sugar in the next few days, I need to bore all 2 of you this week at some point! 

While we were in Winfield/Wichita this weekend we stopped at Starbucks for a treat. While we were there I discovered a sugar free snack.  They are Peeled Snacks. They are dried fruit with no sugar and is a great source for vitamins, minerals, and each package is a  full serving of real fruit!  Some of the fruits available are Cherry-go-round, pine-4-Pineapple, much-ado-about Mango, Banan-a-peel, Apricot-a-lo, and Apple-2-the-core. Visit a Starbucks near you, or check out the Peeled Snacks to find a location near you that carriers this product.

On to another subject. I recently watched a documentary "The Business of Being Born".  It was very eye-opening and I recommend you check it out--whether you already have kids or planning to have kids in the future.  Our library actually has it, so I didn't even have to spend money to see it!  I would love to hear how you feel about this movie or your thoughts/opinions on natural child birth. 

I have done a decent job not eating sugar the past two days.  I splurged last night because I found the Girl Scout cookies, but I only had two!  How are you doing?


  1. How am I doing this week? Well, I just had a bowl of corn flakes with sliced bananas in milk. Then I checked the ingredients of the corn flakes and found some bad news....second ingredient "sugar"; sixth ingredient "high fructose corn syrup". How do YOU think I'm doing :( The sugar is just EVERYWHERE!

  2. hmmm...I want to watch that video now.


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