Thursday, April 21, 2011

Laundry & Giveaway

This week has flown by and we have a ton left to do before B leaves this weekend!  Our evenings this week have been busy doing laundry, packing, car repairs x 2 for my little Toyota before the LONG road trip, last minute dentist visit for a cavity, trip to Ft. Riley to get items needed for B's school, and much more!   While the washing machine is working I thought I would take time to do another Earth Day Challenge since Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22nd!

Speaking of laundry, making your own laundry soap and fabric softener is good for the earth, our budget, and our bodies. There are multiple reasons why I switched to making my own laundry soap, here are a few:

1. Leading laundry soaps have harsh chemicals and dyes that our skin is exposed to all day, every day.    Why expose our bodies to chemicals and dyes if we don't have to!

2. We produce less trash by using our own laundry soap since we are not consistently using the leading laundry soaps that have a lot of plastic and waste.

3. It is MUCH cheaper then purchasing soap at the store. I did the math a few months ago, and it ended up being a few cents/load!  I wont bore you with the math here, but if you are interested in the breakdown let me know via comments or email.

These reasons alone were enough to convince me to make my own laundry soap.  I have been making mine for about 6 months and will never go back to buying my soap at the store.  A couple of months ago we were visiting my parents and I showed my mom how to make her own laundry soap.  They have been using it and love it!  We already have plans to make more in a few weeks.  Here are a few pictures from us making the soap.

 Shredding Soap in Food Processor

Consistency the soap should be after running through the processor, this also has the washing soda and borax mixed in. 

 me & mom

I have previously posted my laundry soap recipe. Check it out here.  I also posted about a recipe for laundry softener. Check that recipe out here.  I love using the softener for all the same reasons I listed above!  I have been using lemongrass and lavender essential oils in my vinegar. I also only use the softener on our towels, work out clothes, and B's uniforms.  Vinegar helps remove smells from clothes and is GREAT at getting out sweat smells! 

So your Earth Day Challenge today is to try making your laundry soap. Once you try it you wont go back to the store bought laundry soap.  If you already use your own laundry soap, then your challenge is to switch your softener to the homemade recipe. It is so cheap!

I know you are all reading this just for the giveaway, so I wont make you wait any longer.  I am going to be giving away a container of my homemade laundry soap to 1 lucky winner!  To be eligible for the drawing, you have three chances to enter.  You can do any or all of the following for an entry.

*Leave a comment with a question you would like me to answer.

*Follow me on Twitter (click on the twitter button in the right column under "Keep In Touch" section). Leave a comment and let me know you are now following me.  If you are already a follower, leave me a comment that you already are.

*Grab my button. To do this copy the code found under my button in the right column "Grab a button" and paste to your blog.  Leave a comment that you have done this.

*Tweet or Facebook about this giveaway and leave me a comment you have done this. 

The drawing will close at 5pm on Sunday April 24th and a winner will be announced sometime Sunday evening.  Winner will be selected at random via Random Generator. 

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  1. I used your recipe to make my own soap and I love it! My next goal is to get Craig to use it as well (he thinks I'm slightly weird for making it). Have you found any scrapbooking papers or supplies that have been made out of recycled materials?

  2. I have been meaning to try making my own soap but I fear loud noises (food processors). Love to try some though! Maybe I'll love it so much I'm forced to make it. I use vinegar for softner though. I also use a little borax. Really freshens laundry and helps with our hard water. Hmmm...I know your a wonderful cook. So here is a food question. Since summer is coming, have any great locavore info/websites/tips?


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