Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Meanderings 4/20/11

This week is flying by, I cant believe it is already Wednesday!  Here are some links from my meanderings on the web this week.

Why Every Day Should Be Earth Day Nicole at Simply Organic shares about a simple way to have earth day every day.
Food Revolution LA Jamie Oliver has started a new season of Food Revolution in LA. B and I watched it last night and it was interesting. The LA school district was not interested in Jamie helping with the school meals.  I highly recommend this show, Jamie has a passion to help America's schools serve healthier food to our children.  Food Revolution is on ABC Wednesday evenings 8/7c.

{Almost} Candy-Free Easter Baskets Jo-Lynne of Musings of a Housewife has a great post on healthy Easter baskets! I wont be preparing any Easter baskets, but she has some great ideas I wanted to share with those that do have kiddos.

Ted: Ideas Worth Spreading. Riveting Talks by Remarkable People, free to the World.
Jamie Oliver has a great video on his wish is to teach every child about food.  It is a great video showing the heart Jamie has for kids in America.  B even watched the video, which says a lot about it since he doesn't usually care about these things!  If you have time I recommend you watch it.

Since my earth day challenges have been few and far between (sorry!) I will leave you with a challenge that is really easy!

If you get lots of junk mail, unnecessary catalogs, and credit card applications go here to be removed from  mailing lists.  It is a huge waste to receive junk mail that is just tossed or recycled.

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