Tuesday, May 31, 2011

962 Miles....

I have been working on this post since Saturday evening. You would think that having nothing official on the agenda until Monday I would have been able to finish one post!  So on with the post I started several days ago....

..is how many miles it is from Winfield, KS to Enterprise, AL!  I hope I will not be driving this route again for 2 years!

After a very long drive on Saturday we finally made it to Enterprise, AL.  The 2nd day of driving was the longest and we were VERY ready to be here.  We did not get lost until we were looking for the hotel in Enterprise.  I will blame it on MapQuest, it left off the last turn!  My first impression of Enterprise was that it is VERY much like Junction City. For those that are familiar with Fort Riley,  Enterprise is the equivalent to Junction City and Dothan (a town 35 miles from Enterprise) is the equivalent to Manhattan.  Needless to say we drove to Dothan on Sunday!  Enterprise does not have a mall, Target, or Starbucks!  Luckily Dothan has all three plus more!  I hate to admit it, but I miss Salina just a little bit. 

I really wanted a picture in every state we went through like I did the first day, but Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama failed miserably at having welcome centers and "welcome to...." signs.  So I have no pictures of me entering any of those states.  What I do have is a picture of a peach shaped water-tower!  Outside of Montgomery we were getting very TIRED of being in the car.  I began to see large billboards advertising a farmers market with fresh picked peaches.  I decided to stop so we could have a potty break and stretch our legs. 

I will post again tomorro on the events we have been this week!

Til' Next Time,


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