Friday, May 27, 2011

Alabama Or Bust

It has been a week of goodbyes and new beginnings.  Wednesday was my last day to work in the office in Salina.  They spoiled me with LOTS of wonderful food we all enjoyed during the day.  Saying goodbye to these girls was difficult, but knowing I wont be gone forever makes it a little easier.

You girls are the best,  I will miss you girls so much!

Thursday I spent the day in Wichita seeing friends and family before starting the long journey to Alabama.  I will miss all of you bunches!  I think I will become an avid Skype user!  Today my parents and I got on the road later than expected, so we only made it to Conway, AR (outside Little Rock, AR).  This leaves us with 9 hours of driving tomorrow!  

We made it through Kansas, Oklahoma, and into Arkansas! Here is the route we took today: 

The drive has been beautiful.  The further we go the more beautiful it gets.  There are TONS of trees which will take awhile to get used to, not sure if I like NOT seeing very far like you can in Kansas!  The southern accent is getting deeper the further we go and I have to admit I like it! 

Oklahoma State Line

 Mom & Dad at Arkansas State Line
Til next time y'all,

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