Thursday, June 02, 2011

Busy Becoming An Officer's Wife

It has been a busy week!  On Monday morning I picked B up from the barracks for his 8 hour pass off post. It was good to see him after 6 weeks of being separated while he has been in WOC (Warrant Officer Candidate) school.  We spent the day in Enterprise and had a great lunch at a local pizza place, Mellow Mushroom.  Sorry, no pictures from the first trip. I will definitely get some the 2nd trip, they have great murals painted on the walls!

Tuesday I spent the day in classes with B on everything related to finances and army traditions & customs.   I find it hilarious they have to teach us what is appropriate dress for semi-formal and formal balls, but I guess there are some wives out there that do not know what appropriate dress for a military ball should be! I learned it is not go-go boots and low plunging necklines.

This morning my dad and I got up early to see B during his victory run at 6:15 am!  The victory run is where the WOC school class runs their last run and rings the bell as a symbol of completing the course.  Here are some pictures from the morning festivities.

B running in from PT before he rang the bell (physical training)
B is the last one on the left, he is the tallest one in the class!
B ringing the victory bell. I'm so proud of him

We have had a jammed packed day Wednesday evening & today, but I will leave that for another post.

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  1. Welcome to Alabama, and the Wiregrass area - glad you're here, and congratulations to your DH on his graduation!

    Is flight school next on his list??

  2. I just came across your blog since it was linked to Mindy's blog. :) I live in KS right now but we are about to PCS to Ft Hood (when DH gets back from Afghanistan in a couple weeks).

    Big congrats to your hubby on this achievement and have fun being an officer's wife. It is great fun. hehe Good luck, also, on making friends. It really is the hardest part. You should check to see if there is a PWOC on post there. Which post are you guys on?

    Good luck with everything!!


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