Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Checking In... let you know we are still alive.  We found a house on post last Friday.  It is not one of the new houses we were hoping for, but it will definitely work for the next 18 months! Our household goods are being delivered on Monday and I can not wait to get everything unpacked and organized, I love this part of moving!  Yes, I am weird but at least I can admit it!

I started back to work on Monday, offline of course.  Since we do not have interent and I'm not hooked up to work yet, we have been working offline this week so we (B has had the week off) have spent our days in coffee shops so I can work and he can surf the web.  We hope to have internet in the next week or so!

We are headed to Panama City Beach, FL later today for a weekend getaway! I am excited to see the ocean, go to some wineries, and shop at an amazing outlet mall!  I will hopefully have access to internet this weekend to post pictures from B's WOC graduation.

Til' next time,

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