Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Virtual Coffee Tuesday 9.13.11

Welcome to Virtual Coffee Tuesday, a time when we can sit down with our favorite beverage and chat.  I wish we could be catching up in person, but we can not always have what we want in life!

I have been busy working on several craft projects for home decor.  I did not decorate the last two houses we lived in, mainly because we were renting and I did not want to put money into decor that might not work in the house we eventually buy.  Since we are in another house we do not own I decided I should just decorate!

We have a modern style to our furniture and I wanted to keep this look in the decor since we both like the simplicity of it.  I have found it tough to find affordable decorations that fall into this category.  I have ordered a few items from Etsy, framed some family portraits, and created several art pieces. My brother definitely got all of the "artsy" genes but I try!  Once I have everything finished I will do a post that shows you our decorated home.

What is your home decor like?  Modern, country, vintage, shabby chic?

In other news I am still working on plans for my Etsy store. Along with that adventure I am working on another related project that I hope will bring in some extra money.  I'm excited to get everything finalized so I can share with you what I am doing.  Do you have an Etsy business or home business? If so, what is it?

On a more serious note I am going to a doctor tomorrow that specializes in natural medicine. Her focus is treating people  and conditions using natural, God-designed methods.  I am hoping she can give me some guidance into my infertility issues.  If you could be praying for us, as  both REALLY want to start a family but it just has not worked for us.

My home office looks out onto a community playground. Many afternoons there is a group of moms & kids out there.  It is tough to watch them, as they are doing what I wish I could do.  B walked in last week while they were outside and said I wish we had a little kid so you could be out there with them.  I just looked, wishing the same thing, and shook my head while holding back tears, as I was getting ready to get on the phone with someone at work! We are not sure when to start pursuing other options, especially with the next two years being very intense for B (career wise). At this point we are just taking it a day at a time. 

On a much lighter note, my tomato plants got devoured by about 10 green caterpillars. Last Monday I went to check on my plants and discovered that I had no leaves or buds left on the two plants.  After closer inspection I discovered that there were caterpillars ALL over the plants.  I looked online and discovered that they are caterpillars that eat tomato plants and eventually become a large moth!  It recommended taking them off the plant and throwing them into a wooded area.  I just could not make myself touch them so I asked B very sweetly to do it for me.  He agreed after I reminded him that I kill spiders for him!  I figured there was no hope of anymore tomatoes, but I looked this morning and  there are already leaves and buds popping back out on the plant! I might actually get to can some this year, as I have not had enough produce yet to can anything.

Look how sad they look!

See the leaves?

Well that is about all the news for this week.  I would love to know what you have been doing the past week. 

I'm linking up with Lucky Number 13 for Virtual Coffee Tuesday. 


  1. Ugh. I am so sorry to hear about your problems getting pregnant. We ended up doing IVF with both of ours. It isn't the ideal way to go about things, but we were getting desperate! Good luck, keeping fingers crossed for you ;D

  2. I had that happen and i was so grossed out.

  3. uhh...I was talking about tomato plant. :)


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