Friday, June 29, 2012

Fitness Friday 6.29.12

Wow this week has been insane and flew by way to fast! I finally finished what I HAD to do today and can now sit down to do my weekly Fitness Friday post.

I have 5 days left on my 30 day Get Fit Program. I'm doing great and I am actually going to do another 30 days with a few revisions.  I'm sad to say I have not exercised as much as I would have liked the past 30 days, so I have plans to do MUCH better in July.  

Part of my workout plans for July is to begin a 100 day Burpee Challenge.  If you are wondering what a burpee is just think of a push up and add a jump in between each push up you do.  If you really want a challenge, as my prior trainer does, add a Bosu Ball!  It adds a lovely challenge to a regular burpee.

Are you thinking, what is a Bosu Ball?  Check out this site for a picture and explanation. 

Here is a video showing how to do a basic burpee and some other variations.

I hate burpees but they are a great workout for metabolism, endurance, and strength.  By the time I get to 3 or 4 I'm out of breath and by my 10th one I'm starting to sweat!  I'm sure by day 20 I will be wondering why the heck I agreed to do this challenge. 

Running, Spinning, and Strength training will continue to be on my schedule for July.  I love running and I'm currently working back up to running 3 miles.  My running buddy and I run a couple times a week on a tree shaded path that is rather hilly!  We are currently running it in reverse to avoid the BIG hill at the beginning of the run.  This week we were able to run the entire route in reverse and only stopped to walk for a minute or so.  Once I get the reversed route conquered I will begin running the path the other way until I conquer it that way. Then I will add the 1 mile loop! 

Here are some I-phone pics of the path and routes.  After running the hills and curves with shade trees I'm not sure I can handle running in Kansas again.  I sure love it here!

What have you done this week for exercise?  Have you been eating healthy, whole foods?  Let me know what you have been doing to keep yourself healthy. 

I would love to start a weekly post answering your questions about ANYTHING.  It could include questions about (but definitely not limited to)--cooking, natural cleaning/body care, crafting, gardening, organizing, or any other random things you can think of!  So if you have a question feel free to email me (click on the envelope icon on the top right side of screen).  I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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  1. I'm so not a fan of burpees but I do them anyway. And the bosu makes me dislike them even more :) Your running path looks like a great place to run.

    This week has been running, strength training and yoga.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Burpees are not fun. There is nothing more to say, but they are good for you!

    I love the photos of where you have been running. It's beautiful!

    This week I have run, hiked, and rock climbed.

    1. How fun that you hiked and rock climbed! I have always thought it would be great to live somewhere to do those activities.


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