Sunday, July 01, 2012

Weekend Wanderings 7.1.12

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!  Can you believe it is already July 1st? The summer is going by way to fast! I'm working on the giveaway post I have been promising you, but I have been delayed by my handsome photographer. So, I will have it posted early tomorrow. 

One more thing to worry about in our food.  This is an older article, but still very relevant. Sadly, the list of food companies that uses these flavorings has probably grown in the last year.

What We Learn When We Are Born--Anne Murphey Paul.  I LOVE watching videos on TED (they even have some on Netflix Streaming now). This video is a little under 20 minutes but a great video to watch.

The Difference Between Dreaming and Starting. This article really encouraged me.  I find myself dreaming about things but never starting them to make them a reality.  I need to work on "starting"!

Pass It Forward.  Ashley with The Shine Project has a BIG heart and an amazing passion for helping people.  This is one of her lovely ideas.  The cards are available for purchase in her shop

Under the Overpass--book on my list to read!

Which Sweet Potato Would You Rather Eat? 

Enjoy the rest of you weekend!

Til' next time, 

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