Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life Lately 3.12.13

I love doing these Life Lately posts because I now have to make a conscious effort to take pictures. Not all of them are great and most are on my iphone since I always have it, but at least I'm taking pictures of our everyday life.  Although I have to laugh because alot of my pictures seem to be food centered! 

What have you been up to lately?  This past week was a big week because I celebrated my birthday, so that always makes things better, even though I am getting older!  I will be doing a Birthday recap post later this week, although I do have a couple pictures included below from my birthday celebrations. 

 Enjoying a Vanilla Latte on my trip to "the big city". Ok not really the big city, but it is the biggest town we have very close to us and it has a Target which makes it wonderful.  

 For my birthday last Wednesday B got me an ice cream cake from DQ and decorated the top himself.  He did a great job and I was so excited that he would want to decorate it. I think he did a great job! 

 I am in the process of getting things ready for our move (cleaning out things for garage sale and selling things online).  We decided to sell some of our furniture since we are dumping everything in storage when we move back to KS until we secure jobs and know where we will be living.  Anyway, we decided to sell our Papasan chair that we have had since we first got married. It was tough letting it go, but we rarely sat in it and it was used more for storing clean towels then anything useful.  So before the person buying it came to pick it up, I made B take a picture of me in it. 

 My parents sent me some coffee for my birthday and I received it on Saturday, love getting good mail!  We also received our tax paperwork back from the accountant with great news.  We have a decent sized refund coming back which is a HUGE blessing, as we are saving everything we can for our move back to KS and for our transition back to civilian life!  Not looking forward to searching for a job!

 This past Saturday we celebrated my birthday by going to dinner and a movie.  We decided to eat at Olive Garden.  I love their salad and bread sticks! 

 Brenden is not a fan of me asking him to take pictures of me all the time, another reason I have an automatic remote for pictures on my wish list!  But I made him take a few minutes before we left on our date Saturday to take some pictures of me...this is one of them. 

 This is what B does between dinner time and bed time--study!  I am so ready to have him be done with flight school, but that also means we will be back in KS with no jobs and he will probably go back to school to complete his bachelors. 

 Making my morning smoothie.  Do you put spinach or other leafy greens in your smoothie?  You don't even know they are in there, I encourage you to try it! 

 My new purse I bought with my "blow money"...more on that in my 
upcoming posts on Debt. 

I finally started this book and I'm so excited to work my way through it.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes and how I like the book.  It is set up in a 48 day outline, so you only do a certain amount of reading and work per day.  Day 47 homework is to take a millionaire out to lunch, not sure if I know any millionaires! Do you think Dave Ramsey would go to lunch with me? Hahaha! 

What have you been up to lately?  How do you and your family celebrate birthdays?  What books are you reading right now?  

Til' next time,


  1. What a fun birthday you had and love the ice cream cake. :)

  2. Stopping over from the Walkabout - I love your blog (and Olive Garden ;) haha) What a great weekend, happy birthday!! Happy to be your 101st follower lol.

    Meg @ myborrowedheaven.blogspot.com


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