Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life Lately via Iphone Pics {April 2013}

It has been awhile since I've done one of these posts, so I figured today was a great day since I have lots of posts in draft mode and none of them ready to publish! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these photos but not all of them.  If you do not follow me on Instagram yet, follow me @amodernhippie and I'll follow you back! 

Earlier this month my car drove past 200,000 miles!!! Yikes.  It is a great little car but is definitely showing its age now, but only cosmetically because it still runs like a champ! 

I had a garage sale in hopes of getting rid of some of our things before moving. I did not have a great turnout, but I sold most of the big ticket items.

B & I always treat ourselves to a meal out on the weekend. We usually do not splurge and eat dessert, but B wanted ice cream so we stopped to get some (actually I did not get any!)  at a local ice cream shop.

I meet a group of friends every Wednesday for coffee.  I go early sometimes to work on a blog post or read. A couple weeks ago I started reading The Hormone Cure for a review I will be doing on the blog in the next month.  Do not wait for my review to decide if you want to read it, please go purchase a copy & read it!  I highly recommend it and it is VERY important information that each of us (women) need to know, no matter your age. 

With our time winding down here in Alabama, I knew I had to go to the beach at least a couple more times before we move.  So, a few weeks ago I went with a friend for the day. We did a little shopping and then enjoyed the rest of the day on the beach.  

My view during our beach trip

I snapped this shot on the way home, I will really miss driving on tree lined roads like this when we move back to Kansas. 

I found a great deal on a used espresso machine so we decided to buy it!  We have been wanting one for several years but have not wanted to spend the money on one.  We are loving making our own espresso drinks.  I think our coffee maker is a little sad and feels left out, you know if coffee makers actually had feelings! 

A friend and I went to Montgomery to go dress shopping for the formal ball at the end of May.  Of course we had to stop and eat lunch somewhere really good. I picked The Tipping Point, a little local place that is really good.  The food was great and the outdoor seating was wonderful.  Although mid way through eating a kids birthday party showed up and they sat next to us.  Sorry parents, it was rather annoying to have your kids running next to our table + blowing bubbles around us like we did not exist.  It is not really a place that kids would enjoy, so we decided it was the moms who picked the place since they have good food and drinks. Anyway, I got the salad trio with pasta salad, coleslaw, and hummus. 

So a week after using our new used espresso machine it suddenly stopped working.  After searching the Internet for 30 minutes, I found the solution!

I got my haircut last week and the stylist decided to add some curls/waves to my hair with a flat iron.  I told her they would not hold up in the heat + humidity but we decided to give it a try.  This was less then 30 minutes later and most of the wave is out. Although it was a nice change to my very straight hair! I have not been brave enough to try styling it that way myself, as I'm sure it would end in disaster. 

Can I say that I love taking pics in the Target dressing room?!   And no, I did not go in the dressing room just to take pictures  I actually had clothes to try on. Target mirrors are much better then the tiny mirror I have in our house. This is another attempt to try and get a shot of my curly/wavy hair.

So what have you been up to lately?  

The month of May I'm doing a blogging challenge with Jenni from Story of My Life. The challenge is to blog everyday of May, so 31 days of blogging!  She gave us some great writing prompts that I'm excited to use.  With this challenge, I will still be doing some of my regular posts including Menu Plan Monday, Fitness Friday, Weekend Wanderings, recipes, and more so there might be more then 1 post a day.  

I also start my lunge & push up challenge tomorrow. If you have not read about the challenge I created, check it out here.  If you are joining me, make sure to do those lunges and push ups tomorrow! 


  1. You can never go wrong with a trip to the beach. :)

    1. I know. I will miss the beach the most once we move back to KS!

  2. I would so love a beach trip. With a friend...delightful.

    I don't know if I like Target mirrors. Hmm. I'll have to go shopping and see. (=

    I would have a hard time writing a blog post every day! I've been officially diagnosed with creative OCD (by my daughter...she's qualified). It definitely holds me up. Good luck! Will be fun to see how it goes. (= Have a great day!
    Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I love beach trips, and will miss them dearly when I move back to KS. Hope you have checked out the Target mirrors and enjoyed them. I will say that trying on swim suits with target mirrors--NOT FUN! I've made it 5 days on the blogging challenge so far, hope I can keep it up.


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