Friday, July 06, 2012

Fitness Friday 7.6.12 {30 Days Results}

Happy Friday, can you believe it is already Friday?  Just warning you, this is a long post but worth reading to the end.  

As I promised last week, I am going to share with you my results from the Arbonne 30 Day Get Fit program I just finished.  I say finished, but I'm not really finished.  There are parts of the program that I have decided to continue for another 30-60 days, if not longer.   

Arbonne's program focuses on eating clean/whole foods, increasing nutrient intake, eliminating allergenic and addictive foods, balancing blood sugar, and supporting the elimination organs.  

Eating real/whole foods that are organic and FREE of preservatives, additives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and artificial flavors is the key to all the other items above.  The majority of foods people eat are SAD (Standard American Diet) and MOST items sold in grocery stores are more poisonous to our bodies then helpful.  We need to eat foods that fuel our bodies, not poison them.  

By eating whole foods we automatically increase our nutrient intake.  The program also includes supplements (multi-vitamins) that assist with nutrients. 

Eliminating allergenic and addictive foods was the toughest part.  This included NO coffee (my struggle), NO sugar, NO dairy (B's struggle),  NO soy (we already avoid Soy so this was not an issue), and NO gluten. There were also other food items we avoided: alcohol, peanuts (including peanut butter), all fruit (except green apples, limes, lemons, and berries), pork, potatoes, MSG, nitrates, corn, and vinegar.   

I am not going to explain why these are allergenic and addictive foods today, but I will highlight these in the following weeks.  If you want more information on these please just leave a comment or email me, I would be glad to pass on the information I have from Arbonne.   

By doing the above you will be balancing blood sugar and supporting the elimination organs which helps cleanse your system and gets it working like it should.  Again, there are several supplements we added to our day to help.  

I had doubts about how successful this program would be because I do not believe in "taking a pill" to lose weight.  But since Arbonne's program first focuses on what foods to eat and not to eat and then adds in supplements (not diet pills) to assist with the process, I was EXTREMELY impressed with the results.  

We have eaten a real/whole foods diet for several years now, but of course we would still eat junk food every so often as well as eating out.  So, eating whole foods was not a huge change for us, but that did not make it any easier for us in the other areas! 

The first week was the TOUGHEST because we were craving the foods that we were addicted to--coffee, sugar, dairy, and gluten!  We both had headaches, were irritable and had mood swings because our body was addicted to the foods we stopped eating.  After the first week it was much better.   

Weekends were always the most difficult because that is when we generally eat out.  For the first two weekends we did not eat out at all because we did not want the temptation. The third weekend we ate out, but ate within the restrictions!  

I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seat for my 30 day results, so I wont make you wait any longer!  Drum roll please........

..........I lost 12 pounds per the scale!  I do not agree with trying to obtain a certain number on the scale, rather I prefer to base my progress on inches lost and how my clothes fit.  Muscle weighs more then fat, so by lifting and working out the number on the scale is usually not an accurate number of fat lost.  

Curious about the inches I lost? 
Bust: 1.5 inches
Waist: 2.5 inches
Hips: 5 inches (HOLY COW!) 
Right & Left Thighs: 1 inch, both legs.  Good thing, I wouldn't want my thighs to be uneven! 

A few other things I have noticed after 30 days: 
~My clothes are fitting MUCH better and I hope in another 30 days I will be able to pull out some old shorts and jeans that I have not worn in several years.  

~My skin looks great.  I visited my Naturopath Dr. last week and she could not believe how good I looked.  She even mentioned my skin was glowing.  NO, I'm not pregnant!  

~I'm sleeping much better.

~I have energy ALL day and no longer fall asleep on the couch at night.  Before the program I would be dragging by lunch, I'm not anymore!  Most nights B is ready to go to bed before me, which has never happened.  

~My joints do not hurt as much.  I almost always have joint pain in my ankles and/or hips (have since I was little).  I only have joint pain now when the weather is changing! 

I mentioned that I was going to continue the program for another 30-60 days. Here is my plan: no gluten (but I will probably splurge every once in a while), coffee only 1-2 times a week, and limited dairy (1-2 times a week at the most).  I will also continue my protein shakes for breakfast and lunch.  

I haven't even talked about my fitness yet!  I am on day 6 of the burpee challenge. It is not bad yet, but it will start to get rough next week.  I'm used to doing 15-20 burpees at a time with my trainer and in boot camp, so these low numbers are not horrible!  

Here is what I did this week, besides burpees--
Monday: Ran 2.3 miles at Beaver Lake WITHOUT stopping!  Next week my running buddy and I will start adding more mileage to our runs.  

Tuesday: Walked a little over 2 miles to Freedom Fest while it was raining and thundering! 

Wednesday: Day off because of the holiday

Thursday: Ran 2 miles

Friday: Spin & Strong Bodies

Do you have a weight loss or fitness success?  I would love to hear about it!  Do you eat a real/whole foods diet?  What struggles do you have with your health and fitness?  

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Til' next time,


  1. Wow, great job! I would have a tough time with coffee too (as I sit here drinking it as I write).

  2. I would have the hardest time with the no fruit. I think I live on it around here during the summer. I'm interested in hearing why it's on your foods to avoid list. I do agree that sugar is very addictive - and I really want to get it out of my life!

  3. Very interesting post! Wow, I'm impressed with your inches report! That is awesome!

  4. Wow, your results are so impressive!! Great job sticking to it- I don't think I've ever successfully cut out all gluten, dairy and sugar at once, but I believe it can have a huge impact on our health. Keep up the good work!

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